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Josten's is finally delivering our books from last year!

Distribution Schedule:

  • Monday (7/26):  Last year's seniors may pick up their ordered books from 9am - 1pm in front of the food court to the left of the flagpole.
  • Tuesday - Thursday (7/27-7/29) (during registration appointments) 8am - 11am  for last years juniors (tues), sophomores (wed), and freshmen (Thur)
    • We will have a spot during the registration walk through for yearbook pickup.
      Note:  Please bring some form of id (asb card is preferable) and pick up your 2021 Yearbooks!

To Purchase a Yearbook

  • If you are still interested in purchase one of last year's books, please contact Wendi Kato ("Kato, Wendi M." <>), our ASB clerk at the activities window in the food court.  Last year's books are not currently listed on the Wolverine Marketplace online.    We do have 48 books remaining for sale (late pricing is $120) through the ASB kiosk in the food court.
  • Next year's 2021-22 Yearbooks, however, are available for purchase on the Marketplace both al la carte and through the ASB packages for a discounted price.