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Simonson Photography will be providing photography services for Winter Formal. Stop by the free photo booth or Simonson's professional photography background to make this night memorable! This is FREE of charge.

Tickets will be on sale online only from Dec. 21st to Jan 9th (during break) for the lowest price $65.00 with ASB and $75 without ASB.

See the Market place to purchase your ticket.  Must be your ID number and only one per person.  Guests can not purchase tickets online.  All guests will pay $95.00.  

Tickets will be available at the window starting Wednesday, January 9th before school, lunch and after school until 3pm.  


Dec 21st to January 13th -  $65.00 with ASB $75.00 without

ONLINE only from Dec 21st to January 8th and starting Wednesday,  January 9th at the window.  At the window we will take credit card (as long as the card is in the student's name) check or cash.  

January 14th to January 28th - $75.00 with ASB and $85.00 without

January 29th and 30th - $85.00 with ASB and $95.00 without

ALL GUESTS tickets are $95.00 

This dance may sell out so don't wait!



Winter Formal 2019

February 2nd, 2019 @ AV Irvine 

 Winter Formal Announcement
Winter Formal Contract

Winter Formal Information

To buy tickets online visit our "Wolverine Marketplace" 

Activities window is located in the food court and is open before school, lunch and after school until 3pm.  Must have your current student ID to purchase.WF 2019 Guest Contract.pdf.pdf (PDF)

All Guests (outside of our school and under 21) will be $95.00 and can not be purchased online.  Guest contracts can be found online or front office. 

Tickets Prices:

Dec 21st to Jan 8th    ONLINE ONLY        $65 w/ ASB   $75.00 w/out
Jan 9th to Jan 13th  ONLINE & Window  $65.00 w/ASB  $75.00 w/out
Jan 14th to Jan 28th ONLINE & Window $75.00 w/ASB $85.00 w/out
Jan 29th and Jan 30th   Window only  $85.00 w/ASB  $95.00 w/out 

Reminder:  This dance may sell out so don't wait, purchase yours today! 



Are Guests allowed?

Guests are allowed permitting they are under 21 years of age. Download and complete the Guest Contract before deadline.

When should I get there?

Check-in begins promptly at 7:30pm, some people tend to begin forming a line approximately 20 minutes before.

When’s the earliest I can leave?

The earliest attendees will be permitted to leave Winter Formal is at 9:30pm, if you need to leave earlier you will need to make these arrangements with the Activities Director, Mrs. Zendner prior to the dance.  

What time do I have to be there?

Check-in closes at 8:30pm.  The line forms by 7pm and there will be a holding area.  Dance starts at 7:30pm and ends at 10:30pm. 

Is food/drink provided (light snacks & water)

Light snacks and water are provided free of charge to all attendees of winter formal. 

What am I allowed to bring?

Students are required to bring their ANHS ID Card, and we suggest bringing the least amount of items possible (no bags, backpacks, shoes) there is a bag check available. 

What am I not allowed to bring?

Items such as gum, mints, unsealed water, backpacks, chapstick, aspirin, and makeup is an example of prohibited items which will be confiscated by security staff and made available for pickup as you leave.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, please see the list of dress code items to guide you.
Will there be a place to check items?

Yes, there is a bag and coat check for you to secure your items at no charge.  Look for signs to find the coat check area.

Do I need a date?

Not at all! Winter formal is a formal dance for all classes, and is not a “date dance” like Prom. Many students go to winter formal with a group of their friends.

Dress code for Winter Formal

  • Strapless / spaghetti straps are allowed
  • Garments must be at least fingertip length
  • Slits no higher than fingertip length
  • Backless to waist is permitted – below waist is not permitted (opposite your belly button)
  • No banded / bubble dresses
  • No garters or other exposed lingerie/undergarments
  • No sheer / see-through clothing and no see-through sides or bare sides – No cut outs
  • No excessively low cut garments
  • No bare midriffs- No two piece dresses
  • Collared Shirts must have sleeves
  • Shirts must remain on
  • No jeans
  • No hats, bandanas, chains, or canes