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Yearbook: The Legend

Join the Legend Staff


The yearbook is an important responsibility.  We are looking for creative, motivated, and responsible staff willing to learn and use the following skills:

  • Advanced Photography
  • Photoshop Image Processing
  • Layout Design
  • Story writing
  • Effective Interview Techniques
  • Headline and caption writing
  • Survey and data collection
  • Marketing

Requirements for the class

Enrollment for this class is by application only.  See Mr. Ruhlen in room 807.

  • Overall GPA Requirement - 3.0
  • Prerequisite for admission are any of the following:
    • An "A" in Photoshop 1B 
    • An "A" in English, or "B" or better in Honors English
    • An "A" in Adv Drawing / Painting (or a "B" in AP Studio Art)
    • An "A" in Multimedia/Design or Yearbook