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Drawing & Painting

Course Overview

Ability levels in 1st semester art are mixed. Students have varying backgrounds in art, but most are still beginners. You are not expected to know how to draw in Drawing and Painting 1a. You will develop your skill in drawing by using pictures and real life objects, and enhance your general knowledge of the field of art fulfilling requirements for graduation and/or transfer to college. If you already have developed some skill in art, you will round out your knowledge and portfolio by fulfilling requirements as stipulated by the State of California and the UC college system. All California Visual Arts Content Standards will be addressed.

If you continue your artistic training the second semester, in Drawing and Painting 1b you will be expected to apply the technical skills you learned in 1a in new and creative ways. We will use additional types of media in 1b, and the focus will be on composition and creativity. All content standards will continue to be addressed.

In Drawing and Painting Advanced, you are assumed to be serious about your artistic endeavors. You will be guided to develop a personal style within the requirements for each assignment. Portfolio pieces will be emphasized, and all content standards will be included.

AP Studio Art: Drawing and Painting Focus is a course for serious and dedicated students. The coursework and pace is demanding and you are expected to spend several hours each week working at home. Focus is on traditional drawing and painting. Not all colleges accept AP coursework, but you will still have a top-notch portfolio you can submit to any college or technical school.


Textbook and Other Resources


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Janson. History of Art. Prentice Hall. 2000. Fourth Edition.