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early Assessment Program (EAP)

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) measures your math skills towards the end of the 11th grade to let you know in advance if you are ready for college level work. Students answer approximately 15 extra questions on the math portion of their STAR exams.

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) measures your English reading comprehension and writing skills towards the end of the 11th grade to let you know in advance if you are ready for college English. Students answer approximately 15 extra questions on the English portion of their STAR exam
AND students must write an essay (essay exams are given in March of the junior year to those students who elect to do so).

For an information brochure regarding the  Cal State EAP Program, please click here.


California State University

Freshman Admission Requirements for California Residents

  Information provided here is from the Cal State Website. 
The CSU requires a minimum 15-unit pattern of courses
for admission as a first-time freshman.

Each unit is equal to a year of study in a subject area.
The minimum GPA requirement for CSU is a 2.0 (C average). 
A grade of C or higher is required for each course
you use to meet any subject requirement. 
Area Subject Years
a. History and Social Science (including 1 year of U.S. history
or 1 semester of U.S. history and 1 semester of civics or American government AND 1 year of social science)
b. English (4 years of college preparatory English composition and literature) 4
c. Math (4 years recommended) including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or higher mathematics (take one each year) 3
d. Laboratory Science (including 1 biological science and 1 physical science) 2
e. Language Other than English (2 years of the same language; American Sign Language is applicable - See below about a possible waiver of this requirement) 2
f. Visual and Performing Arts (dance, drama or theater, music, or visual art) 1
g. College Preparatory Elective (additional year chosen from the University of California  "A-G" list) 1
                 Total Required  Courses                              15

If you didn't take all the required high school courses (a-g) 
OR earned D grades in some of them, you have several options
to make up these courses and qualify for CSU admission.

Click here for more information. 

College Admissions

Most applicants who are admitted meet the standards in each of the following areas:

Many CSU campuses have higher standards for particular majors or for students who live outside the local admission area. Because of the number of students who apply, several campuses have higher standards (supplementary admission criteria) for all applicants. Many CSU campuses utilize local admission guarantee policies for students who graduate or transfer from high schools and community colleges that are historically served by a CSU campus in that region. You may review the CSU Local Admission Areas for each campus here.

All  courses taken to satisfy college admission requirements must be completed with a semester grade of C or higher. See your Academic Advisor about options to remediate D or F grades for college admission.

IMPORTANT: If you are a senior who earns a D or an F in an a-g course you must immediately contact each college/university to which you applied and find out how it may affect admission and what that college expects you to do.

Cal State Eligibility Index for Admission

The Eligibility Index Table shows the combination of test scores and grade point averages required to meet minimum eligibility requirements. The CSU does not use the SAT Writing section or the ACT Writing score to calculate the CSU Eligibility Index.
Do not include grades you expect to earn in courses during the remainder of 12th grade.

  • If you are a California high school graduate (or a resident of California for tuition purposes), you need a minimum eligibility index of 2900 using the SAT combined score for critical reading and math sections or 694 using the ACT.

Cal State Apply

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cal state Application Fee waiver Checklist

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