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Saddleback College K - 12 Information

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How Do I Register For A Class At Saddleback College During Distance Remote Learning?

Saddleback Special Admission Request for K-12 Students

  1. Student fills out  Form per directions and forwards to Academic Advisor to begin processing. Do NOT fill in the Principal’s Name Field.
  2. Form will be emailed back to student if approved.
  3. The student uploads approved form to: along with your government issued photo ID.

How do I register for a class at Saddleback college?

Important Note from Saddleback college website:

  • Students who were enrolled in the prior semester/term are considered "Continuing" students and are not required to re-apply.
  • Students who are NEW (first time applying at Saddleback or IVC) OR  have missed a semester or more, not including summer session, are considered "New or Returning" students and must submit a new application.

Fullfilling the UC - CSU VPA requirement

Students may take a semester class (3 units minimum) at Saddleback College-- to meet the ONE-year requirement for a Visual and Performing Art. To enroll in a Visual Performing Art class, students will need to follow the K-12 Enrollment procedures and meet all college deadlines

To access the list of Saddleback courses that may fulfill the one year VPA requirement  ("f" category)
                       Click HERE for Saddleback's IGETC list. The classes listed under Area 3: Arts and Humanities, A. Arts will likely meet the CSU/UC requirement for a Visual and Performing Art.

WARNING!!   High School students register for courses at Saddleback AFTER all other students have registered for courses. Therefore, VPA and other courses may be FULL before a high school student has a chance to register. Please do not count on a VPA course at Saddleback.

Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.