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Cultures week

Guidelines for Food Fair - January 18th, 2019

Food fair- Friday January 18th

What is a Food Fair?  


This year our Culture's Week is January 14th to January 18th with the final day being the food fair! Several of our clubs will be displaying and offering food from a culture they have chosen.  This is an opportunity to purchase tickets ($1 to $3) for many different kinds of food offerings.  Walk around and taste some unique types of food from other cultures.  This is a fundraiser for each of the clubs, so they will be charging 1 to 3 tickets for their food at their booth.  


Tickets will be purchased at the ticket stand before you enter the food fair.  


Our cultures for the week are:


Monday, January 14th - World Map Activity at Lunch

Tuesday, January 15th - Jamaica - Steel drums in the Pit

Wednesday, January 16th - Ireland

Thursday, January 17th - Polynesian Islands

Friday, January 18th  Food Fair during tutorial (by class), 3rd period (by class)  and lunch