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PROM 2019

Dress Code for PROM

  • Strapless / spaghetti straps are allowed
  • Garments must be at least fingertip length
  • Slits no higher than fingertip length
  • Backless to waist is permitted – below waist is not permitted (opposite your belly button)
  • No banded / bubble dresses
  • No garters or other exposed lingerie/undergarments
  • No see-through clothing and no see-through sides or bare sides – No cut outs, material must cover area.
  • No excessively low cut garments
  • No bare midriffs
  • No costumes allowed


  • Collared Shirts must have sleeves, ties for formal dance, coats are optional
  • Shirts must remain on
  • No blue jeans
  • No bandanas, chains, or canes allowed (would have to be checked)




No vehicles with over 40 passengers will be allowed as transport to Prom. Vehicles with more than 40 passengers will be turned away and students riding will not be allowed to enter the dance and will not receive a ticket refund.

Any vehicle with more than 12 passengers must have an approved passenger manifest list signed off by an ANHS Assistant Principal prior to attending the dance. Passenger manifest lists must contain all passenger's full names and parent contact information. Passenger manifest forms will be available on the school website and at the activities window.

If any banned substance is found in a vehicle or passengers of a vehicle are found to be under the influence, all passengers of the vehicle will be denied entry to the dance and will not receive a ticket refund. ANHS students riding in a vehicle coming to a school event will receive disciplinary consequences even if they are not planning on entering the dance.