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AP Computer Science

Why take Computer Science?


Computer Science Gives Students Vital 21st Century Skills

Computer Science underlies most innovation today, from biotechnology to cinematography to national security. Yet the majority of U.S. schools require only that students use computers.  Seldom do schools prepare students to innovate and create the new technologies that drive local and national economies. This ability to innovate with technology is also important for students' future success and ability to make a difference in a global society. The ability to create and adapt new technologies and engage in computational thinking and problem solving distinguishes computer science from computer literacy, which focuses more on using existing technologies (e.g.,word processing, spreadsheets).


Computer Science Means Rewarding Careers

Jobs are plentiful, interesting, and flexible. Job prospects have remained strong despite economically challenging times. Computer scientists also enjoy a wide range of career options since all industry sectors today involve computing (e.g., the arts, film, finance, health care, journalism, manufacturing, music, security). 

Java Robotics Unit

The Java Robotics Projects are introduced after the AP Exams in May.  In five or six weeks, students utilize fundamentals learned from the AP class and apply them to existing classes to control the servos, sensors, and interfaces of the robot programmable vehicles.

The IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot is designed to bring computer science, robotics and engineering concepts alive for students.

Our Exploring Robotics with the IntelliBrain-Bot curriculum provides a step-by-step introduction to robotics and Java programming using the IntelliBrain-Bot deluxe educational robot.

The IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot is fully Java programmable and includes the RoboJDE Java-enabled robotics software development environment. RoboJDE provides an easy to use programming environment that enables students to focus on programming and robotics concepts without getting bogged down in a complex development environment.

cs powered brain

Class Objectives

  1.  Students should be able to design and implement computer-based solutions to problems in a variety of application areas.
  2.  Students should be able to use and implement commonly-used algorithms and data structures.
  3.  Students should be able to develop and select appropriate algorithms and data structures to solve problems.
  4.  Students should be able to code fluently in an object-oriented paradigm using the programming language Java.
  5.  Students should be familiar with and be able to use standard Java library classes from the AP Java subset.
  6.  Students should be able to read and understand a large program consisting of several classes and interacting objects.
  7.  Students should be able to understand a description of the design and development process leading to the creation of a large scale program.
  8.  Students should be able to identify the major hardware and software components of a computer system, their relationship to one another, and the roles of these components within the system.
  9.  Students should be able to recognize and discuss the ethical and social implications of computer use.



Instructor: Mr. Ruhlen
Richard Ruhlen
  • 30 years teaching experience
  • Opened ANHS 1993
  • Varsity Tennis coach 1993 - 1998, 2005-2012.
  • Technology Coordinator 1997 - 2010
  • Dept Chair 1996,97,99,00,01,02,05
  • Teacher of the Year 2005
  • Yeadbook Advisor 2013-present

Mr. Ruhlen
B.A., M.A. Ed., CCNA, MCSA
AP Computer Science / Computer Applications