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Currently in 8th?

Transitioning into high school can feel overwhelming - so much to figure out, including what courses to take! To help you on your way, check out the document under Incoming 9th? on the right side. It gives an overview of English 1 along with considerations for English 1 Honors and what's coming up in grades 10-12.

Sharon Alvarez Teacher
Franco Arena Teacher
Paul Biggs Teacher
Gregory Burger Teacher
Ryan Cox Teacher
Lori Frome Teacher
Christina Greeley Teacher
Melissa Holloway Teacher
Diane Kent Teacher
Tara Klasna Teacher
Dawn Lewis Teacher
Tait Lihme Teacher
Barbara Marsh Teacher
Cathy Mcginity Teacher
Marina Parker Teacher
Erin Rose Teacher
Lori Smith Teacher
Kelsey Torres Teacher
Shannon Villasenor Teacher
David Weinstein Teacher