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How to Use the Orange County and Mission Viejo On-Line Library Resources


Library Use Guidelines

  • Students must have ID cards to check books out and use the computers in the library.
  • Acceptable Use Policy cards must be on file with student and parent signatures.
  • Computers in the library will be used for educational purposes only. (No games, no chatting, no e-mails). The use of the information is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of the privileges.
  • Students must work quietly in the library.
  • There is a limit of four students per table.
  • Students with disruptive behavior will be given referrals to the office.
  • No food or drink allowed at any time in the library.

Books & Materials Guidelines

  • Students must have ID cards to check books out
  • All textbooks must be covered at all times. (No self-adhering plastic covers, please)
  • Damaged books should be returned to library immediately for replacement. (If book is not returned within one week of receiving it, the student will be held financially responsible for the replacement cost.) Any books damaged during the year are also the student's responsibility.
  • Water Damage - If there is any evidence of water damage or stains from something being spilled on a book, the student will pay for a replacement book.
  • Do not lend your books to anyone or check out books for a friend. (You are responsible for any books checked out in your name)
  • If a student loses a book, he / she will be required to pay for the book. If the book is returned a refund will be issued from the District Office.
  • If a book is returned with damaged / loose binding, a $10.00 rebind fee will be charged.
  • If a book is returned with barcode label damaged or missing, the student must pay for the price of the book
  • Students with overdue books will not receive their report cards.


  • 60 student seating capacity library
  • Over 8,000 Library book inventory
  • 3 computerized library collection lookup stations
  • 48 PC workstation computer lab center with Internet access
  • Multimedia Center, Dynacom based Head End distribution center


  • Coin operated photocopier (10 cents per copy)
  • Black/white Document printer access via library workstations (10 cents per page)
  • Scotch tape, staples, scratch paper, 3 hole punch
  • Computerized teacher / student textbook inventory management

Library Staff

Jyoti Potnis - Library Media Technician.jpg