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8th Grade Students will register for their 9th grade high school classes during the spring of their 8th grade year.  The high school Academic Advisors will work with the middle school Academic Advisors to set up the 8th Grade Articulation visits in March.  Students will be given a course registration packet to be completed with their 8th grade teachers and parents and then turned into the high school.

You can also view the District Placement Guidelines for help in picking appropriate courses for you child. 

Registering For Classes

Registration for the next school year will occur early in the spring semester, please come back for more information

Registering for Classes


  • Please take time to discuss your child’s schedule with them and sign the form prior to the due date.  Specifics regarding the course requirements for all grade levels can be found by accessing the Curriculum Guide  
  • You can also view the District Placement Guidelines for help in picking appropriate courses for you child. 
  • As a reminder:
    All freshmen and sophomore students are required to take a minimum of 6 classes 
    All juniors and seniors are required to take a minimum of 5 classes 
  • Most classes are yearlong, although, at times teachers and class periods may be change to balance class sizes. 

IMPORTANT: School hours are from 8:00am to 2:45pm every day. Students will be placed in courses during these hours based on the student’s elective choices and course availability. Most students who choose to take less than a full load of classes would like to the afternoon off. Since we cannot meet this overwhelming demand and still maintain appropriate class size throughout the day all students will have either a 5th or 6th period class.


CCA Classes:  Formerly ROP. Students who wish to enroll in an CCA class will need to meet with their Academic Advisor.


Saddleback College Classes: Juniors or seniors who plan to take a class at Saddleback College must see their Academic Advisor for approval. Please note the college deadlines for high school students to submit K-12 Special Admission forms and register for Saddleback classes

Graduation vs College

Remember: High school graduation requirements are not the same as college admission requirements (i.e. UC / CSU A-G Requirements). 

NCAA requirements are different from graduation and UC/CSU requirements.

Zero Period Criteria

Not all subjects are taught zero period. During registration, students request the subjects they wish to take. If one of those subjects is taught zero period AND there is room in all requested courses they may be considered for a zero period.

ALL students will have at least one class after lunch.

In an effort to maintain appropriate class size throughout the day to benefit all students, the following criteria must be met for a student to be considered for a 0 period class:

Students enrolled in a class that is only offered 0 period.