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The district office has moved away from the paper D-W8 forms for facilities use and now is using an online system.  You can find the online system HERE.

You will need to enter you email address and request for a password.  This process is to be used when you or your school group is requesting a facility for an event that will included any non-ANHS students (that means even 1 non-ANHS student).

If you are requesting a facility for only ANHS students, such as an AP study session or ANHS basketball team practice, you will still use the paper E-13 forms and turn them into the front office mailbox for Ann Zendner or Mike Middlebrook for athletics.

E-13 Facility Request Form

Click here to view or download this form.


How do I reserve a facility?

For events in which ONLY current ANHS students will be participating, you will need to fill out an E-13 form .  For requests involviing ANY non-current ANHS students, please fill out an application HERE.


Which form do I need to fill out?

Fill out an E-13 form for...

Any on-campus event(s) held by an on-campus group, scheduled between the hours of 6:00 am – 10:00 pm, seven days a week. ALL participants must be current ANHS students. 

For all other requests, please CLICK HERE.


Where do I find these forms?

You can find the E-13 form in PDF format linked above.


I have a question about facility fees, custodial fees, and other related fees and insurance matters.  Who do I contact?

Contact the Maintenance and Operations Department at the CUSD District Office. Their telephone number is (949) 234-9528.


I need to make a change to my submitted facility request. Who do I contact?

Please visit the CUSD Facilities webpage and make and place a request for your changes.

You will also need to inform the ANHS Athletic Director, Andrew Mashburn for any athletic facility changes at For all non-athletic facilities, please contact Activities Director, Ann Zendner, at

Contact Us

Custodial service matters:

Brian Brosamer, Assistant Principal


Use of athletic facility (stadium, main/aux. gym, back field, baseball/softball field, tennis courts):

Andrew Mashburn, Athletic Director


Use of theater facility including sound, lighting, and video:

Jeremy Golden, Director of Theatrical Arts


Use of all other facilities on campus:

Ann Zendner, Activities Director


Fee Schedule, insurance, custodial charges:

Maintenance and Operations Department, (949) 234-9528