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Equal Access and Opportunities for all students

The Board of Trustees desires to provide a safe school environment that allows all students equal access and opportunities in the district’s academic and other educational support programs, services, and activities.  The Board prohibits, at any District school or school activity, unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on the student’s actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

Club Information

 List & Descriptions


Below you will find descriptions of all clubs currently offered at Aliso Niguel High School. Included in each description is the name of the president(s) and their contact information. If you missed the club rush and wish to join an organization, please reach out to the club president(s). 

Service Clubs


Active Minds

  • The Active Minds chapter club will aid and educate the importance of mental health to the students of Aliso Niguel High School. Presidents: Kyle Jamora and Brenna Rao


ANHS Leo Club

  • The Leo Club is dedicated to bringing equal opportunities among its members to help improve their community and the society around them. Presidents: Matthew Ibrahim/Shawn Mosharaf


ANHS Priceless Pet Rescue Club

  • The ANHS Priceless Pets Rescue Club will give students the opportunity to work with Priceless Pets Rescue of Orange County and will give members a chance to aid in the mission to rehome animals that are rescued from surrounding high kill shelters. President: Karina Patel


ANHS Second Harvest Food Bank Club

  • The ANHS Second Harvest Food Bank Club will give students the opportunity to work with the Second Harvest Food Bank of OC and aiding in the mission to end hunger throughout Orange County. President: Arnav Patel


Best Buddies

  • The club’s goal is for students to reach out in friendship and service to students with special needs. President: Ashley Chan- 


Bring Change 2 Mind

  • Our goal is to raise awareness for mental health! President: Haania Mahmood


Business as Usual

  • Business as Usual will work hard to provide its members with opportunities to learn more about the world of business and prepare its members for possible careers in business. President: Ashley Chan


Common Hope

  • Our club's goal is to provide education to the children of Guatemala. President: Kate Wilson- 


Dear Asian Youth at Aliso Niguel

  • We strive to create change through education, activism, and the celebration of culture! President: Cassidy Lo



  • Econscious is a club made to host community service and fundraiser events where proceeds go to eco-friendly organizations. President: Savannah Searson


FAM Club

  • Our club’s goal is to volunteer at FAM warehouse. Presidents: Grace Balducci and Madyson Smith


Just Serve

  • The purpose of the Just Serve club is to create service opportunities for those who have a passion for fulfilling the needs of others. President: Madison Keller


Karmant Learning

  • The mission of the club is to give free learning opportunities, especially to those who are in need. It also offers leadership and volunteering opportunities.   President: Rishabh Bhavani- 


Key Club

  • Key Club is a service club here at Aliso Niguel that offers multiple volunteer opportunities every month and also hold fundraisers to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program. President: Joanne Sarsam


Kids Around The World

  • Kids Around The World will bring students to the frontlines of the fight against hunger. President: Sricharan Pamireddy


Laura’s House-

  • The main purpose of our club is to raise awareness by hosting various drives, Boba tea fundraisers and contributing in events such as culture week throughout the school year to aid the Laura’s House foundation. The clothes we collect are donated to the Laura's House resale store where all the profits go directly towards Domestic violence support shelters under the foundation and the sales from the fundraisers go towards buying supplies that will also be donated directly towards the foundation's womens and mens shelters. Presidents: Amelia Kopf and Andie Kramer


Let the Beat Go On (Music Club)

  • Our mission is to provide opportunities for musicians to play music and share their talents. Presidents: Andrew Tran, Savan Shah


Loyal Activists

  • Our main goal for our club at Aliso Niguel is to inspire and encourage people to give back to the community, to participate in charity events, and to help raise money for good, charitable organizations and foundations all across Orange County. President: Camille Monarch- 



  • Our purpose is to raise funds for Make-A-Wish, whether through fundraisers on campus or via other means in other places. Presidents: Landon Foster/Haddi Almashat 



  • MASTERThese is an educational outreach organization run entirely by a high school board in collaboration older and younger students to create a network of student leaders and provide support for independent student ideas and provide support for independent student ideas and projects that will benefit underrepresented and minority students in public and private education. President: Brian Kim


Mentors of ANHS

  • Mentors of ANHS is a club that strives to create a positive environment for younger children who want friendship or support from their older counterparts in high school.  President: Natalie Shin- 


Miracles for Kids

  • Our club is a part of the organization, Miracles for Kids, which helps to support impoverished families that have one or more children with terminal or incurable illnesses. This club will be funding a family in which two children have been diagnosed with incurable illnesses. Presidents: Savan Shah; Shawn Mosharaf


National Foundation for Cancer Research Club (NFCR)

  • The purpose of the National Foundation for Cancer Research Club (NFCR) is to raise funds and awareness around the community through doing activities that each member is specialized in. President: April Liu

Ocean Conservation

  • The purpose of this club is to bring awareness to the issues in our oceans and beaches and to take action against. President: Lydia Marshall


Ocean Environmentalists

  • Our club is to protect our local coastal environments to make it more enjoyable for the public and animals. President: Charlie Bourget


Operation Smile

  • The purpose of the club is to raise awareness of people suffering with cleft lips. President: Amrutha Jeevanandam


Paper Bridges ANHS

  • The Aliso NIguel HIgh School chapter of Paper Bridges is dedicated to emotional support for orphans and providing them with the resources they need.   President: Jessie Blattner


Pre-Med Club

  • The purpose of my club is to discuss, debate, and bring our concern and attention to medical issues and debates that are discussed in the World. President: Saya Seraj


Project Care Club

  • The mission of this club is to ultimately make a difference in someone’s life. Especially because of Covid, the resources for the homeless have been deprived more than ever. President: Isabella Laudini


Red Cross Club

  • The American Red Cross Club encourages students to get involved as volunteer members in school. President: Tony Sandhu



  • SayCheezz aims to raise funds for the organization Smile Train through selling products designed by students. President: Andersen Cheong


School On Wheels Club

  • The School On Wheels Club is dedicated to tutoring and providing educational support to homeless kids across the state. The School On Wheels Club will aim to make a difference in the lives of these underserved children by providing free tutoring and building relations with students.  President: Akshata Tiwari


Stand Up to Cancer

  • Our club’s purpose is to raise money for cancer patients. On campus, we will try to educate the student body about cancer and encourage them to take action to aid in the prevention of cancer. President: Alexis Beeson


Students Demand Action

  • The Students Demand Action Club will be a safe place for students to learn about the impacts of gun violence and spread awareness.  President: Eden Bjornson


The EcoFreako Club

  • The purpose of the club is to provide more students today with tools, skills, and resources that will combat our climate crisis in the coming years on our planet. President: Adele Giovanniello



  • UNICEF Club is dedicated to raising awareness as well as money to assist children and mothers in developing countries. Presidents: Sabrina Zeitawi and Megan Virgin 


Waves 4 Water-

  • As a group, we will work on behalf of Waves for Water, and conduct fundraisers to raise money for water filters for those in impoverished areas who don't have access to clean water. President: Claire Stokes


Academic & Extracurricular:


Aliso Niguel Amateur Rocketry Club

  • The Aliso Niguel Amateur Rocketry Club will design, produce, and test rockets for the purpose of inspiring an interest in engineering in students at ANHS. President: Ethan Armstrong


Aliso Niguel Theatre Company

  • The Aliso Niguel Theatre Company is a student run corporation in which we perform fall and spring productions directed by Jeremy Golden. Presidents: Sherydan Schel, Leah Fahim


Amnesty Club

  • The Amnesty International Club will strive to share the importance of human rights around campus. President: Harshitaa Arunkumar


ANHS Mountain Biking Club

  • Our purpose is to help improve people’s skills in the love of mountain biking.  Presidents: Jack Tamialis/Deagan madden


Biology for Breast Cancer

  • Biology for Breast Cancer will educate students of Aliso Niguel regarding biology. The club will also raise money for breast cancer research. President: Ryan Hartley


Casual Debate

  • The purpose of our club is to help the students of ANHS improve their public speaking and communication skills and make friends while talking about current events.  President: Thara Venkateswaran


Chess Club

  • Members of our club will play chess with other students as well as learning strategies and tactics to help them improve. Members will also develop life skills such as patience and critical thinking. President: Elijah Park


Competitive Business Club

  • We aim to give the students an opportunity to expose themselves to the entrepreneurial industry, improve financial and economic literacy, as well as work in a team. Presidents: Sophia Hu, Safina Khan


Competitive Writer's Club

  • The purpose of this club is to help aspiring writers find opportunities to enter contests and competitions, and help students develop their writing skills and style as a foundation for a future in writing. Presidents: Safina Khan & Kiara Azuma


Dance Appreciation (DA)

  • Aliso DA will encourage social and recreational activities, render services to the school by participating in activities at various schools, community, fundraising, and competitive events, as well as build school spirit and loyalty. President: Kayla Digiacomo


FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

  • The purpose of our club is to reach people towards Christ through outreach events and to teach students about the gospel. Presidents: Joseph Garcia & Dillon Kim 


Girls Who Code

  • Girls Who Code is a club that teaches girls the basics to computer programming. President: Amanda Yun


GSA (gender and sexuality alliance)

  • We aim to create a safe space to talk about the LGBTQ+ community. President: Ashley Boyne



  • This group was founded to spread awareness about important matters and topics in society. ​ Members of the club will work on discussing these matters and write articles for the blog. President: Eesha Bellad


Junior State of America

  • JSA is a place for students to come together in order to discuss current issues being faced by America and the larger world. President: Marco Enriquez


Magic Club

  • The purpose of this club is to discuss and learn magic from each other. We may occasionally go around performing tricks for other students at lunch. Also, we will occasionally perform tricks at senior citizen homes, and children's hospitals. President: Kenton Bui


Marine Biologists Of America (MBA)

  • Marine Biologist of America (MBA) will now be formed to specifically address the curricular aspects that were covered in the past by Club Aqua. MBA will provide marine research without the use of SCUBA focusing on marine ecology in support of the California State Science Content Standard Set 6: Ecology. President: Kyle Knight


Math Olympiad

  • The ANHS Math Olympiad Club will give students the opportunity to collaborate with each other to solve AMC level math problems. President: Mingzhen (Cynthia) Qi


Model United Nations

  • Our purpose is to educate students interested in foreign affairs, and international politics. President: Mark Chung


Ping Pong

  • This club is all about having fun and creating bonds while playing ping pong. President: Justin Yoon


Prayer Group

  • We are there to listen to each other and be there for each other. To open up to one another and pray for each other. President: Daunte Mosley


Science Olympiad

  • Science Olympiad is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves in a variety of scientific fields and engage in engineering/technological building projects. President: Joanne Sarsam


Sincerely, ANHS

  • “Sincerely, ANHS” is a club where students get together and write simple and sweet letters for strangers. President: Parastou Pakseresht


Theatre Appreciation

  • The Theatre Appreciation Club is a place for all students who have any interest in anything and everything about musical theatre. President: Malia Matsuura


The Book Club

  • The Purpose of the Book Club is to bring students together through reading with different genres that are chosen through a vote. President: Ashley Soto


True North Christian Club

  • Our goal as a club is to share the gospel with the students of Aliso Niguel High School, to unify fellow Christians and non-Christians alike in studying God’s word and living it out through diligence in schoolwork, respect towards teachers, and the encouragement of others. President: Joseph Garcia


5199 Tyrophins

  • We aim to give the students of Aliso Viejo High School opportunities to enter STEM fields. We hope to educate members about the basics of engineering design, teamwork/collaboration, and competition details about the FIRST Robotics Competition. President: Olivia Lee