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Technology: Automotive

Automotive Technology

Consumer Auto: 

This class is designed for the beginner who has little or no background with cars.  Students will learn shop safety, use of hand and power tools, and will perform basic maintenance and minor repairs on vehicles. 

Class time will be spent learning how a car is built, basic engine and transmission function, as well as a breakdown of engine support systems.  Students should expect to spend the first two months in the classroom, followed by a blend of classroom and hands-on lab activities. 

This class is the entry level class and is a prerequisite for the other Auto classes we offer. 

This class is “articulated” with Saddleback College; students can earn credit at Saddleback by getting a B or better. 


Auto Mechanics: 

This one semester course is the follow-up to Consumer Auto.  In this class students will enjoy a heavier balance of hands-on lab activities.  They will have the opportunity to automotive topics and systems. 


Auto Technology: 

This one year course is for students who have completed Consumer Auto and Auto Mechanics.  Students can take this course for up to two years.  Expect a heavy emphasis on lab activities that center around major themes such as small dent repair, engine overhaul, brakes, basic electricity and automotive electrical, welding, and emission controls.  Themes are rotated to help avoid repetition of material.

Mr. Mack
Auto Technology Instructor
  • Mr. Mack has worked at ANHS since the school opened in 1993.