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Advanced/ AP Studio Art

Advanced Drawing and Painting Overview

Advanced Drawing and Painting is your chance to develop a personal artistic style within the context of class assignments. Emphasis is placed on experimentation and composition planning while incorporating fundamentals.  You will learn to develop sketchbook studies to use as inspiration for your finished masterpieces!  Expand your own creativity and develop the habits of an artist in the supportive environment of our Art Studio.  Sufficient time is given to complete all artwork in the studio.  This course is highly recommended before taking AP Drawing and Design. 

AP Drawing and Design Course Overview

AP Drawing and Design is a college level portfolio course for experienced art students.  You can choose from 3 Portfolios, AP Drawing (mark making), AP 2D Design, or AP 3D Design.  All materials are supplied. You will create a themed portfolio of 15 works which includes finished and preliminary artworks, and 5 quality pieces that showcase your best artwork.  The pace is demanding and you will likely spend several hours each week working at home. Afterschool studio hours are available for interested students.  You will complete the year with a top-notch portfolio you can submit to colleges or art schools.  Students leave this course with a great sense of personal accomplishment and increased confidence in their ability to create art.   Optional college credit is available with registration for the AP Exam (Art Portfolio Submission.)