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Adobe Illustrator (S)

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is the premier vector art editing software in the industry.   Illustrator offers a complete suite of "drawing" tools to complement the "painting" tools provided by Photoshop.  With Adobe Illustrator, artists are able to create distinctive vector artwork for any project. Used by design professionals worldwide, Adobe Illustrator software provides precision and power with sophisticated drawing tools, expressive natural brushes, and a host of time-savers.   

Unlike pixel-based raster design, the mathematical modeling techniques taught in Adobe Illustrator courses allow students to create graphics based on lines, shapes and color fields. These vector illustrations can be scaled to any size without loss in quality, making them very useful for Web design and other digital media.

Why Learn Adobe Illustrator?

Vector-based graphical elements are highly useful in all manner of design professions.  Vector art is fully scalable and utilized by all graphic professions which require detailed, accurate design, including:  architects, engineers, graphic artists, silk-screening designers, logo designers, web professionals, and many more.  

Illustrator is often used as a "pre-press" application because of the precise nature of the elements comprising artwork and drawings.  For this reason, it is an extremely versatile compositing tool which blends many types of artwork, raster graphics, and text into a professionally publishable document.

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Illustrator Objectives:

  • Files & Workspace fundamentals
  • Basic Shape tools
  • Using Transforms, alignment, pathfinder tools
  • Using Color (fills & strokes, styles, patterns, swatches)
  • Creating, organizing layers (layer masks)
  • Using the pen tool (corner points, bezier points)
  • Using brushes (scatter, calligraphic, pattern,  art)
  • Creating gradients & blends
  • Advanced transforms & filters
  • Vectorizing bitmap graphics
  • Creating flash animations
  • Creating composite artwork

Sample Project List:

  1. Basic Shapes (D)
  2. MasterShapes (M)
  3. PaintingHats (D)
  4. MyHats (M)
  5. ColorParrot (ST)
  6. MyColorParrot (M)
  7. LayerClock (D)
  8. LayerParrot (M)
  9. PenPear (D)
  10. FishShapes (ST)
  11. MyFishShapes (M)
  12. Brushes (D)
  13. Flyer (D)
  14. FishFlyer (M)
  15. Blends (D)
  16. Butterfly (M)
  17. Flower (M)
  18. 3d-Objects (D)
  19. Topology (ST)
  20. ZFLogo (M)
  21. Wheel Animation (D)
  22. Seahorse Animation (D)
  23. DragonFlight Animation (M)
  24. CUSDLogo (ST)
  25. CityLogo (ST)
  26. SchoolCrest (ST)


Instructor: Mr. Ruhlen
Richard Ruhlen
  • 27 years teaching experience
  • Opened ANHS 1993
  • Varsity Tennis coach 1993 - 1998, 2005-2012.
  • Technology Coordinator 1997 - 2010
  • Dept Chair 1996,97,99,00,01,02,05
  • Teacher of the Year 2005

Mr. Ruhlen
B.A., M.A. Ed., CCNA, MCSA
AP Computer Science / Computer Applications