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2013-2014 Club List

2013-2014 Club List

Club Name                              Where                                      When

Academic Decathlon              408                                          Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4pm

Amer. Youths for Progress     409                                          Monday at lunch

American Red Cross               203                                          Wednesday at lunch

ANHS UNICEF                     409                                          Wednesday at lunch

Anime/Manga Club                 904                                          Thursday at lunch      

Autism Youth Ambass.          P15                                          Wednesday at lunch

Belwop Project                       P16                                          Friday at lunch

Bible Club                               508                                          Friday at lunch

Bollywood Club                     302                                          Tuesday at lunch

Chess Club                              408                                          N/A

Clothes for Cause                   706                                          Wednesday at lunch

Club Aqua                               705                                          Wednesday at lunch

Comedy Sportz                       ASB                                        Monday & Thursday 3-5pm

Confidence Coalition              504                                          Wednesday at lunch

Culinary Arts Club                  921                                          N/A

Doctor Who                             701                                          N/A

English Dorks of America      301                                          Friday at lunch

Fellowship of Christian           Theater                                    Friday at lunch


FIDM Fashion Club                P17                                          Thursday at lunch

Focus on Food                         P19                                          Tuesday at lunch

Forensics Science                    705                                          N/A

French Club                            P17                                          Friday at lunch

From Books to Blockbusters  301                                          Thursday at lunch

Gay Straight Alliance             P9                                            Monday at lunch

Global Communications         707                                          Thursday at lunch

Guitar Club                             706                                          Tuesday 3-4pm

Habitat for Humanity             203                                          at lunch

Heart Bandits                          310                                          Wednesday at lunch

Jumpstart Tutoring                  409                                          Wednesday at lunch

Junior State of America          308                                          Friday at lunch

Key Club                                 504                                          N/A

K-POP Club                            508                                          Friday at lunch

LEO Club                               305                                          Thursday at lunch

Lunch Buddies                       P11                                          Friday at lunch

Make A Wish Club                809                                          Wednesday at lunch

Marine Biologists Club          705                                          Wednesdays at lunch

Math Olympiad                      507                                          Wednesday at lunch

Melbourne Shuffle Club         409                                          Wednesday at lunch

Mountain Bike Club               510                                          N/A

NEGU Club                            102                                          Thursday at lunch

Operations Smile                    511                                          Tuesday at lunch

Pediatric Cancer Awareness   302                                          Thursday at lunch

Photography Club                   310                                         Wednesday at lunch

Pink Ribbon Club                   702                                         Wednesday at lunch

Pokemon Club                        106                                          Wednesday at lunch

Psychology Club                     P9                                            Thursday at lunch

Science Olympiad                   902                                          Friday after school and lunch

Skateboard Club                     P3        `                                   Fridays at lunch

South County Safe Rides       406                                          Wednesday at lunch

Spanish Club                           P23                                          Thursday at lunch

Surfriders Club                       304                                          Thursday at lunch

The YES Club                         P23                                         Tuesday at lunch

Thespian Society                     1003                                       Friday at lunch

Truth Be Told                         701                                          Wednesday at lunch

Victims of War & Hunger      P11                                          Thursday at lunch

WE Rock Club                        203                                          Mon, Tues, Wed 3-4:30pm

X Factor Club                         Choir Room                            Wednesday at lunch

Young Feminists Club            301                                          at lunch